'Bike the Trail 2009' Post Activity Report

Updated: We also were mentioned in an article in the Upper Hutt Leader on 4 March 2009. Click to view a scan of the article. 8 members of Wellington VHF Group, assisted by 6 members of Hutt Valley Amateur Radio Club, assisted Hutt City's 'Leisure Active' and Upper Hutt City Councils' 'Activation' groups with Bike the Trail, a scenic fun bike ride between Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt, and Hikoikoi Reserve in Petone, Lower Hutt, this morning.

The 'Bike the Trail' route. The full route is 24km long; an abbreviated course was available starting in Stokes Valley.
Cyclists of all ages, shapes and sizes participated.

The event was a fun ride - not a 'race' as such. As many as 1500 entrants were reported, at least 850 of whom started at Harcourt Park and the remainder from the 'Alternative-Start' at Stokes Valley. Amateurs manned marshal points along the route, providing a safety net for participants in the event of a mishap along the route.

Barry ZL2HO at his marshal station, near the Riverbank Car Park in Lower Hutt. Rick ZL2TVY operated at the Finish Line, providing Net Control and Coordination and liason with officials.

The cyclists were dispatched in waves of approximately 100 riders. Riders of various ages, capabilities and skills were amongst the field, which meant a variety of course completion times. At the finish line, though, was waiting for them rest, food and entertainment. There were relatively few dramas on the day, with two minor injuries and two reports of missing children being the only 'business' of the day. All had happy endings, for the record.

. Crowds of participants having a leisurely lunch and enjoying the post-ride entertainment.
This event provided an ideal opportunity to demonstrate some of our communications capabilities. We operated on the Belmont 710 repeater, which provided flawless coverage up and down the valley - and was the envy of other agencies on the day! The Organisers expressed their gratitude for our services and we look forward to future opportunities. Big thanks to the following operators for their time and efforts: Rick ZL2TVY, Dick ZL2TGQ, Brian ZL2BRF, Paul ZL2UGR, David ZL2SX, John ZL2JDB, John ZL2AST, Frank ZL2TTS, Ted ZL2TED, Phil ZL2HF, Andrew ZL2ADR, Barry ZL2HO, Jim ZL4CV. A great morning was had by all. Article and Imagery by Mark Foster ZL1VMF, Event Coordinator. Photos taken by Gavin ZL2TVM are highly recommended viewing! :-)