Current Status of the National System

Current Status of the National System


Signals have returned from  Blue Duck . On air tests confirm the port to the south is operational at Belmont. Likely to have been ICE at Blue Duck

( updated 19 June )


The South link transmitter at Klondyke was replaced on 18th June    Signals coming south much stronger

Blue Duck

​Weaker signals than normal North and South . Likely to be Ice on antennas 


This node is currently Not Operational


A fault has developed with local transmitter .Removed for repair on 4 May. 

Repairs being made to the local transmitter .


This node is currently off air . controller being rebuilt 

Mt Studholm , Mt Cargill , Balclutha

Signals from the Mt Stuart site should be now back to normal .

Pulse type interference is also being heard on stations south of Christchurch 



Site updated 19 June  2019       

National System usage guide.

Please make sure minimum of 3 second gaps between overs .At busy times 5 seconds is recommended.

Key up delay from the Far North to the Far South is several mS so the gaps are very important so others can access if required . Please limit conversation to a max of 20 mins  and if possible move to simplex or a local repeater .  A conversation on your local national system repeater activates the whole system nation wide .

The Kordia National System award is active . Please assist in giving out points for this .

If you have further info or need additional info   ( if available )  please email   (   nationalsysteminfo     at   gmail   dot  com  )