Current Status of the National System

Current Status of the National System


The South Island link may be switched off due to an open mute noise coming up from the South Island 


The South link transmitter at Klondyke was replaced on 18th June    Signals coming south much stronger

Blue Duck

​Weaker signals than normal North and South . Likely to be Ice on antennas during cold weather


This node is currently Not Operational


A fault has developed with local transmitter .Removed for repair on 4 May. 

Repairs being made to the local transmitter . Oct / Nov estimate


9925 is back on air after a controller upgrade   

Mt Studholm , Mt Cargill , Balclutha


This week intermittent triggering from the ZL 1 area 

investigations continue    31 Oct



Site updated 31st  Oct  2019       

National System usage guide.

Please make sure minimum of 3 second gaps between overs .At busy times 5 seconds is recommended.

Key up delay from the Far North to the Far South is several mS so the gaps are very important so others can access if required . Please limit conversation to a max of 20 mins  and if possible move to simplex or a local repeater .  A conversation on your local national system repeater activates the whole system nation wide .

The Kordia National System award is active . Please assist in giving out points for this .

If you have further info or need additional info   ( if available )  please email   (   nationalsysteminfo     at   gmail   dot  com  )