Current Status of the National System

Current Status of the National System


repairs completed , back to normal    thanks to Don and Peter for getting it repaired promptly !

Doubtless Bay 

Off air for months   cause unknown  .


The temp repeater at Mt Campbell on 434.800 has been removed from site to correct an audio level

issue . It is anticipated it will be returned to site in time for the end of month NZART broadcast .  Nelson / West Coast will be isolated from the rest of NZ  

info from Jim ZL2BHF  17  April 21 .

Mt Murchison

Back on air after repairs . Murchison area and    West Coast now operational again 


Back on Air  but odd tones on tail being reported from what sounds like a low voltage alarm . Weak and noisy signals from this node.


A reset at Marley's Hill has restored the audio to normal from the ( through a tunnel sound ) !! 

Mt Studholm , Mt Cargill , Balclutha

 Weekend of 17 / 18 April   Mt Cargill , Mt Stewart and  Gore repeaters will be isolated from the rest

of the system for the Otago Car Rally ,  info  from Martin ,  Dunedin Trustee   13 April 21


Updated 17 April  2021

Please note :  info for each site or region is updated  when the local trustees provide us with info .  Unfortunately this often does not happen . Each area will be updated when info is received from Trustees or the Branch .

Please avoid the use of the National System for local chatter , move to a local repeater or simplex if possible . It holds the whole country on , not just your local repeater . 

National System usage guide.

Please make sure minimum of 3 second gaps between overs . At busy times 5 seconds is recommended.

Key up delay from the Far North to the Far South is several mS so the gaps are very important so others can access if required . Please limit conversation to a max of 20 mins  and if possible move to simplex or a local repeater .  A conversation on your local national system repeater activates the whole system nation wide .


If you have further info or need additional info   ( if available )  please email   (   nationalsysteminfo     at   gmail   dot  com  )