Licence Issues

Proposed GURL: Repeaters, Beacons and Fixed Links

Updated: 14th May 2007

The following extract and document is from the NZART Website.


"The Executive Council of NZART has decided to release a document to the membership of NZART via HQ InfoLine (released on 6 May 2007) regarding a Proposed GURL."

Download NZART Infoline 137 (PDF format: 127 KB)

Wellington VHF Group Response

The following is a short extract from the Wellington VHF Group response.


"We feel strongly that the adoption of this GURL will place our assets in jeopardy. If allowed to become regulation it will, over time, render the assets inoperable. Such a legacy must be avoided. We cannot make a decision without presenting the full picture and both sides of the argument."

"To help you to make an informed decision we have prepared a detailed report (attached). This report addresses the deficiencies, and presents an engineering evaluation of the subject, as well as the consequences of adopting the GURL, and the history showing why we are being asked to consider a GURL."

Download our full response document Report (PDF Format, 190Kb):