The Wellington VHF Group has regular meetings which cater for club business and interest groups. Below are details regarding our regular meetings and how to find us. For information about current (and past) meetings, you can also look at all related articles.

Upcoming and Previous Meetings


General Meeting

The Monthly General Meeting of the Wellington VHF Group is held on the Last Thursday of every month (except December). The meetings start at 1930hrs NZT and are held at the Tawa Community Centre, Cambridge St, Tawa.

A map showing the venue is shown - the main road in the middle is Main Road, Tawa. Northbound as you come off the Motorway at Tawa, you are immediately on Main Road. Cambridge Street is a right turn at a roundabout found after about 2km. Southbound, approach from Porirua down Kenepuru Drive (which becomes Main Road). Turn left onto Cambridge Street at the roundabout, after the main shopping strip.

Committee Meeting

The Monthly Committee Meeting of the Group is held three weeks prior to the General meeting (eg first Thursday, except when there are 5 Thursdays in the month). Venue and other details are confirmed amongst the committee - members should watch the committee mailing list for details.

Special Interest Group

The "SIG" meets on the Thursday prior to the General Meeting (eg third Thursday, except when there are 5 Thursdays in the month). Venue will vary - but is usually published in Q-Bit prior to the event. SIG meetings are usually relevant to whatever project(s) the club is working on at that particular moment - maybe a repeater issue, Ham MESH, or something else. Usually technical in nature.

Q-Bit Assembly

Thursday two weeks prior to the General meeting. Location may vary, but is usually Abbey Systems starting at 1730hrs NZT. This is Gavin ZL2TVM's workplace - so please contact him if you are willing (and intend) to attend. This is a simple get-the-job-done meeting where members assist Gavin in the folding, stapling and stamping of Q-Bit, so that they can be posted to members. Help is always appreciated. Q-Bit is usually in the members hands in the days immediately prior to the General meeting.


This is held only in months which have five Thursdays, - on the first Thursday of the month. They're an informal gathering, where we grab a meal together and then catch whatever is showing at the cinemas at the time.
Unless something specific is arranged, the usual meeting time is 1800hrs NZT, and the venue is Reading Cinemas on Courtenay Place, Wellington. We meet at the clock-on-the-floor. Depending on whats showing, we'll buy tickets and then eat while waiting for the showing - or if nothing is of interest, we'll simply go for dinner.

Note: The order of the meetings has been changed effective September 2015 to take account of the extended delivery times for Q-Bit