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Digital Switch Over for Lower North Island get your 6m contract now

From Sunday 29 September 2013 analogue television will be switched off in the lower North Island freeing up the 50 to 51 MHz portion of the Amateur 6m band for use, you will still need a 6 metre contract to operate in this part of the band.

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Australian Senate calls for Dedicated Emergency Services Spectrum


The mobile telephony industry has failed to convince a parliamentary enquiry into the communications needs of emergency service organisations that these needs are best met through services provided by the mobile communications industry rather than by dedicating spectrum for emergency communications services.

Silent Key: Jamie Pye ZL2NN

Today I was made aware that Jamie Pye ZL2NN, a friend and acquaintance through Amateur Radio and someone who I of recent years had a wee bit to do with in respects to his role as the Webmaster for NZART, has become a silent key. (More after the jump.)

California County bans SmartMeters due to RFI

Something I spotted on Slashdot that may be of interest to amateurs -

Marin County in California bans SmartMeters

The precis states:

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Results Of Remit Voting at NZART AGM 2010

At the NZART 2010 AGM in Auckland the remits were discussed and voted on.

Remit 2 had been withdrawn by Council but the submitting Branch held it's right to have it presented.

The outcome of the voting is:

Remit 1 Free ARX Services to NZART members - by count. For: 629, Against: 737 Lost on votes.

Remit 2 Review of Family membership - Carried with amendment to replace "principal member" with "licenced member".

Remit 3 Release of Call Letters X,Y,Z- Carried

Remit 4 Seek Mandate for Entry Level Licence - Carried

Remit 5 AREC meeting times at Conference - Lost

Plan Change 74 not all we wanted...

Mike ZL2BNB, the NZART Local Government Liaison Officer (LGO) has studied the approved plan change and it is not as we expected!

Although most of what amateurs wanted was included in the plan change, the key element was not- towers up to a decent height.

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Remit Voting for 2010 NZART Conference

At the May General meeting the Group voted on the remits for NZART Conference in June.

The results are:

Remit 1: For
Remit 2: Against
Remit 3: For
Remit 4: For
Remit 5: Against
Remit 6: For
Vote on NZART President's Entry Level Licence Question (part of remit 4): Against

The delegates were given discretion.

ZL2TVM and ZL2HD were appointed as delegates.

District Plan 74 (Utilities) Accepted By WCC

We have been informed that District Plan Change 74 has been accepted by the Wellington City Council and now will become part of the District Plan. This change introduced Amateur Antennas as part of the plan and gave hams in Wellington a number of rights.

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From an announcement “Digital Divide Information Release”, by MED, 24 December 2009.

"The present analogue licences in the UHF band will cease at Digital Switch Over (DSO), and any required digital television licences will be provided in the VHF bands thereafter. Discussions will be held with amateurs to confirm the preferred approach to allowing television use in the 54 – 68 MHz band.

The following VHF band allocations will also come into effect after DSO:

* 50 – 51 MHz: radio amateur non-television use on an exclusive basis
* 51 – 54 MHz: radio amateur non-television use on a shared basis."

See this link to view the MED announcement

This is not the preferred outcome we have pitched for. Having our ATV allocation shifted to VHF was not an option we preferred.

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Wellington City Council - Utilities and the District Plan.

This from ZL2HD...

Wellington City Council (WCC) have been looking into the issue of utilities and their impact on the community. As a response, they have drafted changes to the district plan section on utilities. The changes are contained in Change 74 (DPC 74) which has just closed for submissions.

The changes deal with towers, road side cabinets and earthworks, possibly mainly aimed at telcos.

Wellington VHF Group and Wellington Amateur Radio Club Branch 50 (WARC) made a joint submission, NZART made a submission (By Mike ZL1BNB; the NZART Local Government Liaison Officer (LGO)), as well as David ZL4TAC (President, Branch 50) and Bob ZL2GF (member of both branches).

The summary is on the WCC Site and is interesting reading.

We have to comment on the submission in early Dec 2009 and Bob ZL2GF has information that we will be presenting on our submission in Feb 2010. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

A pro-forma for a submission to the WCC in support of submissions made by ZL2HD and two Wellington radio clubs on behalf of Wellington amateurs, is available from the NZART Website. Submissions Close at 5pm Friday 4 December!

Thanks to Mike, David and Bob for their good efforts and to others who have provided good input and experience to help us understand how to work with the WCC to get a "ham friendly" outcome. Particular thanks to Mike ZL1BNB for creating the useful pro-forma template, and guiding the submissions process.

Wellington VHF Group apologises for the delay in bringing this to your urgent attention.
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