Politics and Legislation

Political items categorised here. May be reference to Radio Regulations and Licensing; NZART; Local and National Government or other.

Australian Senate calls for Dedicated Emergency Services Spectrum


The mobile telephony industry has failed to convince a parliamentary enquiry into the communications needs of emergency service organisations that these needs are best met through services provided by the mobile communications industry rather than by dedicating spectrum for emergency communications services.

Results Of Remit Voting at NZART AGM 2010

At the NZART 2010 AGM in Auckland the remits were discussed and voted on.

Remit 2 had been withdrawn by Council but the submitting Branch held it's right to have it presented.

The outcome of the voting is:

Remit 1 Free ARX Services to NZART members - by count. For: 629, Against: 737 Lost on votes.

Remit 2 Review of Family membership - Carried with amendment to replace "principal member" with "licenced member".

Remit 3 Release of Call Letters X,Y,Z- Carried

Remit 4 Seek Mandate for Entry Level Licence - Carried

Remit 5 AREC meeting times at Conference - Lost

Remit Voting for 2010 NZART Conference

At the May General meeting the Group voted on the remits for NZART Conference in June.

The results are:

Remit 1: For
Remit 2: Against
Remit 3: For
Remit 4: For
Remit 5: Against
Remit 6: For
Vote on NZART President's Entry Level Licence Question (part of remit 4): Against

The delegates were given discretion.

ZL2TVM and ZL2HD were appointed as delegates.