District Plan 74 (Utilities) Accepted By WCC

We have been informed that District Plan Change 74 has been accepted by the Wellington City Council and now will become part of the District Plan. This change introduced Amateur Antennas as part of the plan and gave hams in Wellington a number of rights.

DPC 72 planners have recommended that no changes are needed in DPC 72 (residential) as [amateur issues are] covered in DPC 74. This saved us having to present our arguments again to the commissioners. John ZL2HD did however present to them to answer the objection to our submission made by Wellington International Airport. In this presentation John acknowledged the objection by WIAL and asked that we are noted in the plan. Amateurs will need to meet the WIAL designations unless we have written permission from them to exceed those heights.

More details once the acceptance of DPC 74 is published and integrated into the District Plan.

The report and recommendations on DPC 74 are on the WCC web site.