About Us

We are the Wellington VHF Group (Incorporated), Branch 74 of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART).

The Wellington VHF Group is a club established to promote and encourage an interest in and generally to assist in the development of the science of Amateur and experimental radio. It provides the opportunity for like-minded individuals who share the same values to pursue an interesting hobby, and to share aspirations, knowledge, experience, and fellowship.

To achieve this, the Group provides a forum for sharing sources of information, instruction and advice on Amateur and experimental radio, and to spread knowledge of Amateur radio. The Group has established and maintains radio installations including beacons, repeaters, links and several parts of the National System to provide communications for Group members and other Amateurs, and to provide communications for emergencies.

An extract from our Constitution states that the Group "Shall cater for such other activities of the members as shall from time-to-time be determined". The Committee is governed by the basic philosophy, if you want to do Amateur radio, in whatever form you want, we will support you in that.

The Group is a not-for-profit organisation, and is a registered Incorporated Society mainly for taxation purposes. It was formally constituted on 25th July 1974, being formed by taking over the assets of the existing unincorporated organisation known then as the Wellington VHF Group. See History for further information.

The Group has it's roots in the introduction of the Non-Morse grade of Amateur operators certificate in September 1963, otherwise known as the "Limited Grade, or Technicians Licence". This made available the opportunity to obtain an Amateur licence without the requirement to qualify in Morse code sending and receiving, but limited to operation above 144 Megahertz. The eponymous title "The Wellington VHF Group Incorporated" emphasised the activities of the mainly technician members, who focussed on frequencies in VHF and higher. The title is now regarded as a key part of our growing tradition.

In keeping with the object to respond to the changing interests of members, the Group now caters not only for activities in VHF, but a wide range of Amateur radio and experimentation. The extent of the range is illustrated by the various sections of this website.

Key facts and Figures:

President: Rob Wallace ZL2WAL

Secretary: John Andrews ZL2HD. (More info on the Committee and Executive Officers)

Number of Members: Approx 150

Meeting Night: Last Thursday each month except December. (More info on WVHFG Meetings)

Publication: Q-Bit , published monthly and free to members.

How to Join:

Membership is per-year rolling over in September. The yearly fee is a low NZ$25.00 (NZ$30.00 for overseas members with mailed Q-bit bi-monthly) and covers a full series of Q-Bit issues, and provides access to other membership benefits. Download the Subscription Form (PDF format: 26 KB) and send, along with your cheque, to:

Wellington VHF Group Inc.

C/- 28 Hereford Street


Wellington 6012

New Zealand

Alternatively, payment can be made by Internet Banking with most banks, just search for 'Wellington VHF Group' or 'Wellington V.H.F. Group'. Please ensure that your Name, Callsign and brief detail is included, so that your payment may be readily identified by our Treasurer. Or refer to the Subscriptions section for further information.