The Wellington VHF Group Committee 2020-2021

The Committee of the Wellington VHF Group are charged with the day to day business of the Group. Aside from meeting our responsibilities as an Incorporated Society and Branch of NZART, the Committee are charged with keeping the branch ticking over; organising guest speakers, activities and events for the Group and generally keeping the business aspects of the Group in tip top shape.

The currently serving members of the Committee are as follows. (Phone Numbers, where permission has been given, are also listed. In general, [callsign]{at} will be a valid email address for most of the committee.)

President Robert Wallace ZL2WAL 021 762 925
Vice President Steve Jepson ZL2KG 022 5457747
Immediate Past President John Andrews ZL2HD 021 710 102
Secretary John Andrews ZL2HD 021 710 102
Treasurer Ian Hutchings ZL2HUT  
Committee Members Gavin Cross ZL2TVM  
  John Murphy ZL2XJ  
  Ray Harkness ZL2RAY  
  Ross Pedder ZL2UAC  
  Rick Smith ZL2TVY  

Committee members are elected by the Group at the Annual General Meeting each year in October, for single-year terms.

They are assisted by a number of appointed officers of the Group who fill a number of important roles. Additional committee members can be co-opted in accordance with our constitution.