Officers of the Group

The Committee of the Wellington VHF Group are ably assisted in various business matters of the group by appointed officers as shown below. Most of these roles require specific levels of expertise, and the Group is very grateful for the time and effort that the below members contribute into the many facets of the VHF Group's operations.

AREC Section Leader John Yaldwyn ZL4JY 021 456 042
AREC Deputy Section Leaders Rick Smith ZL2TVY  
John Andrews ZL2HD  
BBS Sysop and Trustee Paul Miller ZL2BEZ 021 471 648
Callsign Trustee David Andrews ZL2SX  
Repeater Trustees John Andrews ZL2HD  
Gavin Cross ZL2TVM  
Doug Ingham ZL2TAR  
David Andrews ZL2SX  
Peter Cobb ZL3TC  
Steve Jepson ZL2KG  
Jeff Sayer ZL4JS  
Repeater Trustees Emeritus John Yaldwyn ZL4JY  
Peter Williams ZL2ARW  
Callsign Trustee, Site Negotiator David Andrews ZL2SX  
Contact Officer Rob Wallace ZL2WAL 021 762 925
Awards Custodian John Andrews ZL2HD  
Contest Manager Doug Ingham ZL2TAR  
QSL Manager John Andrews ZL2HD  
Q-Bit Editor Vacant  
Trading Table Coordinator Doug Ingham ZL2TAR  
Exam Supervisor David Andrews ZL2SX  
Exam Monitor Doug Ingham ZL2TAR  
Webmaster/Website Editor Rob Wallace ZL2WAL 021 762 925
Refreshment Officer John Andrews ZL2HD  
Wander Search Advisor Ray Harkness ZL2REES  
Auditor Lindsay A Boys CA