VHF Group - Services

Wellington VHF Group provide a number of services to members, and the Amateur Radio community at large. We are very fortunate in that a wide range of expertise available amongst our membership, and those members are always working in their various ways, to advance the hobby for the rest of us. Amongst the services the Group provides, are:

Q-Bit - the Wellington VHF Group Journal

Q-Bit is the official journal of the Wellington VHF Group. It is published monthly and provided free to VHF Group members, as well as selected Radio Clubs across NZ as part of a 'Newsletter Swap' programme.

The Trading Table

The VHF Group Trading Table is a well regarded source of useful components for your radio project, as well as other goodies.

An Amateur Radio Training and Study Guide

Wellington VHF group are offering to members, the means to sit your Amateur Radio Operators Certificate and have your callsign issued, all in-house. This service was introduced in June 2008 and is very successful. Coupled with the Online Study Guide and structured class material (in the latter half of 2008 being delivered as a night course at Onslow College), we have a complete Amateur Radio Training, Examination and Callsign service option available to members.

The Wellington VHF Group Inc; Online

The Group maintain a website to keep Members up-to-date and informed.

Repeater Development

The Wellington VHF Group have a number of experts in the area of Repeater development and implementation. Not only does the branch administer its own repeaters on 6m, 2m, 70cm, and 23cm, it has assisted a number of branches from across NZ in the setup and maintenance of their own local equipment.

We've also been a key player in the creation and expansion of the UHF National System, and continue to provide engineering expertise and support to nodes across NZ.

Got a likely spot for a new National System Node? Got a repeater you're having trouble with? Chances are, someone from Wellington VHF Group may have something useful to add.

Emergency Communications

Wellington VHF Group has strong ties to the Wellington Emergency Management Office. The Branch 74 AREC Section is a key part of the regions volunteer emergency management resource, and provides assistance to the Wellington City Council and the local Police with both staff and expertise for SAR, Search and Rescue and Civil Defence purposes. For more info see our AREC section.

Project Support

We're all about the promotion of Amateur Radio and the preservation and support of our chosen hobby. Wellington VHF Group have provided support for a number of ventures which are ultimately seen to be beneficial to us all. Examples include:

  • KiwiSAT - A Privately Owned Communications Satellite by Amateur Radio Operators (AMSAT-ZL).
  • More in the works. Stay tuned.
  • Your Project Here?