Q-Bit - The Wellington VHF Group Journal

Q-Bit is the official journal of the Wellington VHF Group Inc. It is published each month, and is normally mailed in time to provide members with notice of the upcoming monthly Branch meeting.

Q-Bit is a service to members and is mailed at no charge. Additionally, complimentary copies are sent to other NZART branches as part of a newsletter exchange programme any branches who may be interested in this, please contact the Secretary.


Q-Bit is published on behalf of members by the Editor, Gavin Cross ZL2TVM. It is published using Adobe PageMaker™ desk-top publishing software and printed by Big Image Print.

Big Image Print collates the pages into sets, but the rest of the production is done by a small enthusiastic group of members, who staple, fold, seal, label, and stamp all copies manually. This process has become known as Q-Bit folding, and it provides a monthly opportunity for social banter, and discussion of the world's problems and suggested solutions.

Not just a Newsletter

In addition to providing a directory, notices of upcoming events, and news items, Q-Bit provides two important services for members:

  • Trading Table listing. A rotating list of components and equipment relevant to our hobby, and to particular projects.
  • Technical articles and papers. Q-Bit provides an opportunity for members to publish their work in permanent form. The publication supports very high definition graphics and professional layouts. Because of their high standard, some members contributions have been picked up for publication in other journals, both within New Zealand and overseas.

Contributing to Q-Bit

Of course Q-Bit would not exist as a publication if it were not for the contributions received from members and friends of the Group. The Editor is always seeking new and interesting material for publication – your article could be our next feature!

If you've got something interesting, related to Amateur or experimental radio, or something you think will simply be of interest to readers - please Contact Us. You'll very quickly be put in touch with the Editor. Don't be put off if you think "I can't write that", we have people who can take even an outline and "napkin" images and turn them into an article for you that readers will enjoy.

And, don't worry about the format, output from any word-processor, text editor, or just hand-written notes will suffice, it's your ideas or your story that will be of interest. Just about any printed photo can be scanned and image files in jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif etc are all acceptable. But, remember, if you want your photo material to look good, then the higher resolution the better.

Thanks to contributors!

The efforts of our contributors, and in particular to our editor Gavin ZL2TVM - you are especially recognised. Thanks! From all your readers.