The Trading Table

The Group maintains a shop and component exchange for members, known as the Trading Table. This is intended as a source of components and equipment, particularly those hard-to-get pieces (and some not-so-hard-to-get), suitable for member's projects. Over the years it has grown to include a wide range of parts & components, including specialist microwave items.

At times the Trading Table features kitsets for club projects, as well as kindly donations of surplus but useful parts and equipment from members, friends, and our "sponsors". Such donations are very welcome, not only to make new items available to members, but also on occasion to provide some income for the group when they are sold. This revenue helps fund group projects and is appreciated by all.

The Trading Table inventory is ably managed by Doug ZL2TAR . They have been known to offer real specials from time-to-time, so it pays to keep an eye on the listings. The full listings are available for download below.

Also, our Q-Bit journal has a rotating list of Trading Table components and equipment, which sets out to cover the entire inventory over a two, or three, month period.

Please Note: The Trading Table is provided as a service to members of the Wellington VHF Group Inc. Non-members of the VHF Group please add 25% to all prices.

Placing Orders by post

Orders by post should be sent to C/- 28 Hereford Street, Wilton, Wellington 6012, with an additional $5 per order for post, packing etc, and please print your name and address clearly. An email address would also be helpful. Please note that we reserve the right to limit quantities supplied, and to change prices without notice.

Prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Additional charges may apply for oversize, heavy or special freight/courier requirements. These will be advised case-by-case.

Placing orders by electronic means

For orders via E-Mail please use the form provided here: Automatic Email Form

then deposit your funds directly to our account at any branch of Westpac Bank. Our Bank account details for deposits are:

Account Number: 030558 0212707 00

Sales at meetings

As it is not physically possible to bring the whole Trading Table to the meetings, please send an email to with "Trading Table" in the subject, on the Wednesday before the meeting, to ensure that the parts you want are brought to the meeting.

Convention Special - 10Ghz Oscillator AFC

At the 2007 VHF Convention a number of 10Ghz Oscillator AFC units were sold. Documentation for these may be downloaded HERE. (ZIP Format 1.3Mb.)