Wellington VHF Group Inc - Online

The website of the Wellington VHF Group is found at http://www.vhf.org.nz/ - in other words, right here! Our website fulfils two objectives, firstly it provides a wide range of information and news for members, and secondly it promotes our club and it's activities.

The website is under the management of our webmaster Mark ZL1VMF. It has been constructed and is maintained using the Drupal content management system (CMS), which enables authorised contributors to ensure it is kept topical, and up-to-date.

If you have material for the site, or you would like to contribute, then please Contact Us.

The website is hosted by ZL2WAL's private virtual server. It complements our Journal, Q-Bit, and although these two different media fulfill different purposes, together they form a comprehensive service for members.

And now a word from your Webmaster... Website Contributors Your webmaster would like to acknowledge the key contributions of other members of 'the web team':

  • ZL2TGQ. Dick contributed a heck of a lot of the raw material that has made this website what it is. As a long-time secretary of the group, Dick had his 'finger on the pulse' and his contributions helped to keep the site up to date. Having stood down as secretary in 2007, he remaind heavily involved until his death.
  • ZL2HD. John is a very keen supporter of the web project, helping get it off the ground during his term as President of the Wellington VHF Group. Keep an eye out for posts in his blog for more from his corner!
  • ZL2KG. Steve, as one of our repeater trustees, keeps us honest with regard to our Repeater content, and provides a useful sounding board for other material. He also plays a key role in monitoring and reporting the status of the National System, for which we are very appreciative.
  • ZL4JY. John is our section leader for AREC and has indicated a desire to leverage the site to advance the AREC cause. We fully support this - stay tuned!
  • You.. Everyone else who has offered feedback, material and support to the web project deserves some recognition. Cheers guys! As always please feel free to get in touch if you have something useful to add!