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August Meeting - Update on AREC national and in Wellington from Don ZL2TYR

Thursday 30th August 7:30 PM Tawa Community Centre

Don ZL2TYR has offered to give us an update on the recent changes with AREC, as well as tell us some of the plans AREC has for the future.

Prohibiting illegal use of two way radios

Prohibiting illegal use of two way radios

The RSM Compliance team are working on a Prohibition Notice to limit the import and illegal use of a range of low end two way radios. 

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November 2016 Meeting Cancelled

Due to the Tawa facility being used for Business Continunity purposes by the WCC, we are not able to meet there this week.

We will look at how we can reschedule the meeting and the speakers.

We do not have a December Q-Bit, so most likely we will not be in communication until Janurary 2017. Have a safe and happy Christmas.


John ZL2HD

President, Wellington VHF Group, Branch 74 NZART 

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Kordia National System Award 2017 - Power Stations

24 Decemeber 2016 to 30 Janurary 2017

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Meeting Thursday August 30th: RCC at Avalon

Please meet outside the tower. We are invited in from about 8:00, so will assemble outside and have a casual meeting there.
Supper will be at McDonalds in Lower Hutt afterwards.

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SAREX Makara South Coast Exercise July 26-27 2008

This was a weekend SAREX designed to test comms on the South Coast, as well as the ability of the teams to handle the conditions! And with the "10 Year Storm" going on, it was a test.

A lot of work had gone in over the week before to get the new cross band repeaters built, as you would have read in Q-Bit. These were installed on Mt Misery on the Saturday morning. The base was set up and the teams dispatched.
We did a HF radio test with a Pulsar, and learnt a few things about getting wet.

The exercise was great fun and valuable. Thanks to the team for an interesting weekend, and most of us got a ride in a police 4x4 up into project Westwind, which should have been called project blasting freezing southerly!. Just think of the teams that spent the night out on the coast...Good idea to be a ham in the AREC team at base.


John ZL2HD

One of the new cross-band repeaters on display at the July General Meeting of the Wellinton VHF Group. Image by ZL1VMF.
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Tawa Meeting Venue

Our meeting place has had a change of function, and is now a Community Centre! We have re-booked our regular meeting times and have been issued the new keys and codes. The main change is that we also will have access to other areas for comittee meetings and SIGs if we need it. So the Tawa Service Centre is now the Tawa Community Centre, and we are meeting in the Old Council Chambers.

Where to next with licences?

I have had a few phone calls with suggestions and questions on proceeding with the licence fee issue, and have been asking people for advice.

The next step is to compose a paper to NZART Council and get feedback, then look at which way to proceed. We are getting into deep waters once we go to the politcal level, and will have to ensure we don't ask questions that get us the wrong answers! Backing down in public is not things people in power like to do...

If you have any whizz bang ideas, drop me an email.

A few more words about the June meeting

We covered a few more topics at the meeting:
Visit to Ngaio Venturer Unit by Brian 2BRF, Mark 1VMF and myself.
Brian reported that this went very well, and that he had received other feedback that the boys had enjoyed it. We are keen to run a JOTA station with the group.

Radio Waves project update
Fred reported that 10 kits are going to go soon, and his sub-contractors (Doug and Gavin) are supplying the built up units (tx and rx I think) to Fred. Fred has been invited to speak at more universities over the next few months!

Science in schools

Just a few words from the President...

June Meeting
Thanks to Leon for talking at the Group meeting on Thursday, it was good to see him again. This is the third or fourth time in the last 5 years that Leon has shown us his product, and it is great to see the progress being made. The product (ike) looks great, and the problems and solutions are interesting and fun to hear about. Lots of pictures and stories of the ike being used and abused!

73 John ZL2HD

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