Politics and Legislation

Political items categorised here. May be reference to Radio Regulations and Licensing; NZART; Local and National Government or other.

Digital ATV Strategy

At their meeting on 11 June 2009 the executive committee of Wellington VHF Group Inc commissioned a strategy for the development of digital ATV for the Group.

The strategy document has now been released. We thank the two authors who have contributed Ralph ZL2TV, and Doug ZL2TAR, for their efforts.

Wellington VHF Group response to MED discussion paper “806-960MHz band replanning”

The MED have invited response to their discussion paper concerning the replanning of the 806-960MHz band to achieve greater spectrum efficiency.

Your committee commissioned committee members to research and produce a submission. This has now been finalised and submitted to RFS, MED.

Wellington VHF Group response to MED Scoping Study on “Digital Dividend”

The MED have invited response to their scoping paper concerning a future review of spectrum of interest to us. The decisions that will result from this process are seen as pivotal to the future of the amateur allocations of 50MHz-54MHz, and 614MHz-622MHz.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs: Will they help or hinder radio hams?

An interesting point for consideration in Amateur circles; perhaps more in the HF space but definately a subject to be wary of.

George Boorer ZL3PN was recently featured in the Otago Daily Times commenting on his experiences with an energy saving lightbulb.

What do you think? Is Halogen the answer? Should incandescent bulbs be retained on sale (perhaps more expensively) as a useful alternative for some situations? Or do the energy savers need a complete rethink?

April 2008 General Meeting: Remit Night

The April meeting was our remit night, and all the remits were discussed and a position formed. Two delegates were nominated and the matter of expenses was covered. Due to conference being far away, we agreed to contribute to the costs of one delegate.

Bruce ZL2WP, NZART President also gave us some good input on the remits, and helped us to understand some of them.

Bruce and Brian ZL2BRF also presented a certificate from NZART to David ZL2SX for his outstanding service to NZART as a Councillor, FMTAG chairman and other jobs.