Maroanui - National System in the Taupo region

Repeater name: Taupo 9825
Image courtesy Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ
Operating Freqs: 439.825 MHz (Output)
434.825 MHz Input
(-5MHz split)
Modes: FM, Voice
Location: Maroanui, Taupo
BF36 634324
Trustees: Steve Jepson ZL2KG
Graeme Fredrick ZL1BU
Licence: 209735
Photo: 9825 four vertical dipole antenna, 2nd array from top of tower.

Taupo 9825 provides National System coverage of most of the Taupo region, from Tokoroa in the north, to Mangakino in the west, to Turangi and the Desert Road summit in the south.