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WVHFG is dedicated to the promotion of Amateur Radio (and specifically in our case, operation above 30MHz) in both the Wellington Region and in New Zealand as a whole. We welcome you to our online home. Please browse the links to the left, and keep checking back... this site will be regularly updated with news and current events about the branch, and Amateur Radio at large. Enjoy!

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Duplexer Overhaul for 7075

For more than 25 years, first analog then P25, the 147.075 MHz (+600 kHz split) repeater has covered the north of Wellington, New Zealand.  The original machine was a home made crystal controlled 10W design by Peter ZL2ARW but the site now features a 100W capable Motorola Quantar.

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The AREC AGM was held on Thursday 30 October.  At the meeting John ZL4JY presented a report on the activity over the past year, summarized below.


Most of the Group's AREC activity is in support of SAR and Police, our contribution is set out below. Members have supported neighbouring branches, including a dedicated AREC evening at Titahi Bay Branch 42.  The Group continues to assist with the Wellington Wander Search supporting Police searching for missing Alzheimer's suffers. 

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October 2014 Meeting - AGM & Mesh Networks

The meeting for October will be the AGM followed by a Guest Speaker.

Dave McCarter VE3GSO will speak on Mesh Networks

Dave has spoken recently at a number of local Branches and has been very well received on his topics of antenna tuners, QRP and antenna theory.

Dave has family in Wellington and has been active while in ZL. He recently visited Colonial Knob with Ray ZL2RAY to check out the site and the view.

Date: Thursday 30 October
Time: 7:30 pm Location: Tawa Community Centre

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Wellington Pink Star Walk 2014

The Pink Star Walk was held in Wellington for the first time this year, the event is a 10km walk route taking walkers from Frank Kitts Park around the waterfront to Greta Point and back again, with a “family-friendly” 5km option available. Funds raised from the entry fee and sponsorship of the Estee Lauder Companies Pink Star Walk goes into research, including the Wellington Breast Cancer Register which gathers treatment and outcome data on patients throughout the region, rehabilitation for women recovering from mastectomy, and awareness of mammograms for early detection.

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September 2014 Meeting - Digital Audio Broadcasting

Following on from last months DAB update article in Q-Bit come along to hear (and question) one of New Zealand's leading Digital Broadcast Engineers.

Date: Thursday 25 September Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

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July 2014 Meeting - A Look at AIS

This months meeting will be A Look at AIS (Automatic Identification System)

The Group has installed an AIS receiver at Colonial Knob and this is providing a large coverage over the busy Cook Straight region.

This month we will look at where AIS came from, its purpose in marine safety, what the latest directions and trends are, and what the future may hold.

An interesting aside in the use of AIS for VHF propagation studies by amateurs, and what is being done in this area in New Zealand

Date: Thursday 31 July Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

Marine AIS Receiver Operational

The marine AIS (Automatic Identification System) is an automatic tracking technology used by ships to send and receive position reports. Vessels send positions derived by GPS to inform others and optionally receive positions from other vessels for local display.

A useful AIS overview is here:


DMR Update June 2014 [revised Dec 2014]

ZL DMR history

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JUNE 2014 Meeting - John ZL4JY

This months meeting will be John Yaldwyn, ZL4JY Chief Technical Office of 4RF Communications: Talking on state of the art microwave radio.

Date: Thursday 26 June Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

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Notice of Deceased Estate sale of Amateur Equipment - Estate of ZL2APC

Tenders Now Closed

A lifetime's collection of Amateur Receivers, Transceivers, Test equipment, Receiving and Transmitting Valves, ARRL CDROMs, etc., to be sold by Tender.

Below are links to the listings of the items up for tender from the Estate of ZL2APC in botf PDF ans XLS format.


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