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WVHFG is dedicated to the promotion of Amateur Radio (and specifically in our case, operation above 30MHz) in both the Wellington Region and in New Zealand as a whole. We welcome you to our online home. Please browse the links to the left, and keep checking back... this site will be regularly updated with news and current events about the branch, and Amateur Radio at large. Enjoy!

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September 2013 Meeting - Online Mapping for Amateur Radio

From the simple - checking the location of a site, to the complex - mapping all of the Amateur repeaters in the country Rob ZL2WAL will give an over view of some of the ways of using online maps for amateur radio, including an overview of the development of his automated system for producing online maps of the licensed NZ Amateur Radio Repeaters, Beacons & Digipeaters.

Date: Thursday 26 September
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

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August 2013 Meeting - Single Board Computers of Today

New offerings in the single board computer have opened up a world of opportunities for experimentation, projects and even new products. From the PIC processor, the PICAXE, the AVR, then the Arduino, Beagle Board and the Raspberry Pi, we have a range of power, complexity and cost. Wayne ZL2BKC will talk about the offerings and how they can be used to do amateur radio and show off some of his projects. This is a not-to-miss talk on the state of the art in amateur radio construction.

Date: Thursday 29 August
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

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Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No 9

The 502 to 510 MHz Digital TV Transmitter is being prepared for the final series of spectrum compatibility tests, to be witnessed by users of the adjacent spectrum.

Ever mindful of the cost of these tests to the users of the adjacent spectrum, we want to ensure the tests are successful at the first attempt. Accordingly, we have performed an extensive series of field tests and laboratory simulations to determine the performance margins of the transmitter system.

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August 2013 Special Interest Group Meeting - Colonial Knob Project Planing

Planning what we are going to do at our Colonial knob site, what work needs to be done on the site and what our priorities are.

Date: Thursday 8 August
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

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Exam Night Wednesday 7th August 2013

We are holding an exam night on Wednesday 7th August for anyone who is keen to become a radio amateur.

We will have examiners and plenty of exam papers, so please contact an examiner, ARX or anyone in the Branch to get the details. We are hoping to have a location in Porirua that we have been using courtesy of Pete from the Cross Country Vehicle Club. We will start at 7 or 7:30 (you come at either time).

Follow the call sign services links on this site to find the study guide, online practice exam and other material.

If you think you are interested, then give it a go!

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July 2013 Meeting - Electricity Markets in New Zealand

New Zealand's electricity market has lead the world in the developing into a successful free-market model, where regulation is used to ensure market power is not abused. The system has changed the long term planing of generation, but prices have risen. How are prices set, and what barriers are there to new retailers who could offer competitive pricing? This talk will cover some of the dark secrets of the market and provide some background to the current debate around the “single-buyer” model being proposed.

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June 2013 Meeting - Wellington Repeater Sites

Our trustees will talk about the repeater sites the Group operates from and a few more that are used by other branches and radio users. Some sites are shared, some are our own, some are ready to go but not on the air.
We would like some more photos so if you have any photos of our sites please email them to zl2wa@clear.net.nz. All trustees and supporters are welcome to speak and show.

Date: Thursday 27 June
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

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National AREC Meeting Masterton

The AREC Management Team arrived on site at the Branch 46 Clubrooms shared with SAR in sunny Masterton this morning to find a real SAR operation underway! National Director Jeff Sayer ZL4JS welcomed visitors while managing search comms on a VHF handheld.

John ZL4JY Area Manager Central was on hand to represent our interests with area managers from Northern, Southern, and Midlands (ZK1, ZK8, ZK9, and ZK4 call areas).

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Proposed changes to Contest Rules

The following change is proposed to the VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF contest rules, to become effective on 1st October 2013.

Clause 10 Station Location

Change "NZ1949 Geoid" to "NZGD2000/WGS84"

Please send all comments to: zl2wa@clear.net.nz with "Contest Rules" in the subject line

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Amateur Radio Equipment Sale & Social Get Together

When: Saturday 18th May, starting at 9:30am
Where: Wellington Power Boat Club - located at Onepoto Road, Porirua Harbour
  • Tables @ $5 per table sellers
  • Displays are welcome, no charge
  • Mains power available
  • Set-up tables from 8:00 am
  • A sheet or blanket is needed to protect tables
Refreshments: Will be available for sale
  • Drive as if going to Titahi Bay
  • turn off at Onepoto Rd
  • Continue past boat sheds to the slipway and we are right there
For More Info: Contact Bruce ZL2ABC on 147.300 or Tel (04) 938 7147
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