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Digital Television tests - Bulletin No 11

A further series of mobile field strength test runs along Stratton Street has been performed, and a report is being prepared for consideration by the interested parties.

An inspection of the BQ32 sheet of the Topo50 map series shows that some receive locations on Stratton Street are line-of-sight from Belmont and are heavily obstructed from transmitters using the adjacent 494 to 502 MHz and 510 to 518 MHz bands, potentially resulting in reception in these bands having an unfavourable signal-to-noise ratio, caused by any out-of-band radiation of the DATV transmitter.

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SIG for July 2015: DMR Code plug update and overview

Since the DMR system was set up at Colonial Knob, a number of enhancements and extensions have occurred.  The code plugs determine the radio front panel channel setup, and changes have been made to make the radio easier to use when moving around the Wellington region, to support new DMR repeaters, and allow for the upcoming frequency changes.  Support for the analogue channels has been made within the local zone, and plenty of channels added to make the radios usable in a number of situations.

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June Meeting - Interisland HVDC Link

The June general meeting will be a talk from the NZART President Stuart Watchman ZL2TW.

When commissioned in 1965 the Benmore-Haywards interisland HVDC link was a pioneering feat of electrical engineering. Stuart (a non electrical engineer!) will present the history of this link and how it fits into the NZ power grid.

Date: Thursday 25 June
Time: 7:30 pm Location: Tawa Community Centre

Links related to the presentation:

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Accurate Transmitting Antenna Locations Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellites


Accurate transmitting antenna locations are required when applying for RSM Radio Licences.

The aim should be to achieve a location accuracy of 5 metres, or better. Several people have consistently achieved accuracies of 1 to 2 metres, by using the procedure described below.

Civilian GPS receivers are small and cheap, and can be found embedded in a wide range of electronic devices. Unfortunately, their apparent ease of use, and claimed accuracy, can lead the unwary user into a false sense of security, and location errors of more than 10 metres.

Do not use Google Earth. Location errors of more than 100 metres have been noted, because of the way the mosaic of satellite photos is stitched together.

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May Meeting - NZART Remit Voting & Show and Tell

The May general meeting will include voting on the NZART AGM Remits followed by Show and Tell so bring along your projects.

Date: Thursday 28 May
Time: 7:30 pm Location: Tawa Community Centre

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AREC in the news

Two news items this month worth sharing.  The first is a great story that appeared in The Dominion Post and available here:


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April General Meeting

The April general meeting will be a look at AREC and the modern amateur:

A look at the role AREC plays in amateur radio and the role radio amateurs play in emergency and public service communications.

We will cover:

  • Digital radio and AREC
  • 5MHz and the world wide push for an aligned amateur allocation
  • The funding of, and expect contributionfrom AREC to emergency communications.

Date: Thursday 30 April
Time: 7:30 pm Location: Tawa Community Centre

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Tactical Amateur Radio Digital Internet Solution

Using the Spark free WiFi zones for Internet access

Need a digital radio hotspot for an AREC operation, a demonstration at a branch meeting, or something like the recent VHF Convention?

Telecom, now Spark, operate a network of more than 1,000 WiFi access points conveniently located on many public telephone call boxes around the country.  The commercial terms of the service are essentially free WiFi for Spark on-account mobile customers subject to a 1GB limit per day for up to five devices per account.

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March Meeting - PIM Tester

The March general meeting will be a demonstration of a PIM Tester and a presentation of general information on Pasive Intermod by Tom Clarke ZL2TDD.

Date: Thursday 26 March
Time: 7:30 pm Location: Tawa Community Centre

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Kordia National System Award 2015

This year the theme of the award is the Anzac Centenary. 
This is a fun event, for all Amateurs, all who submit a log will receive a Certificate.

Starts at dawn on Anzac day (Saturday 25th April) 2015
Closes sunset on Sunday 24th May 2015

The BIG challenge: how many different war memorials can you contact other amateurs at via the National System.

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