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WVHFG is dedicated to the promotion of Amateur Radio (and specifically in our case, operation above 30MHz) in both the Wellington Region and in New Zealand as a whole. We welcome you to our online home. Please browse the links to the left, and keep checking back... this site will be regularly updated with news and current events about the branch, and Amateur Radio at large. Enjoy!

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Amateur Radio Equipment Sale & Social Get Together

When: Saturday 18th May, starting at 9:30am
Where: Wellington Power Boat Club - located at Onepoto Road, Porirua Harbour
  • Tables @ $5 per table sellers
  • Displays are welcome, no charge
  • Mains power available
  • Set-up tables from 8:00 am
  • A sheet or blanket is needed to protect tables
Refreshments: Will be available for sale
  • Drive as if going to Titahi Bay
  • turn off at Onepoto Rd
  • Continue past boat sheds to the slipway and we are right there
For More Info: Contact Bruce ZL2ABC on 147.300 or Tel (04) 938 7147
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Amateurs in the South Island celebrate the return of 6 Metres

Stuff.co.nz carries an article featuring George Boorer ZL3PN, and discusses the return of access to 6 Metres (~54Mhz) with the shutdown of the conflicting Analogue TV network.

6 Metres - referred to as the 'Magic Band' by some - has had very limited use in New Zealand for many years, due to the close proximity of the Analogue VHF TV transmission.

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Pending Update to WVHFG Website core software

Hi Folks

Some of you may have noticed the odd PHP error on the website (and for some time!)

Basically the website core software is due for an update, and though i've had the best intentions around doing so, I havn't managed it yet.

I wish to acknowledge this and let you know I do intend to do it (and hopefully sometime soon), so at some point in the near future will be a brief period of website downtime.

Apologies for the inconvenience - and for the transient errors in the interim.

Mark Foster ZL1VMF
Webmaster, Wellington VHF Group

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Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No.8

The unmodulated CW carrier on 506 MHz has been turned off, on the completion of coverage testing. Our thanks go to everyone who provided a reception report.

A prototype 2-way splitter, being one third of the 4-way drive splitter, has successfully passed all tests. A similar prototype, a 2-way combiner designed for higher power operation, is now under construction.

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Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No.7

Transmission of the unmodulated CW carrier continues on 506 MHz, with horizontal polarisation. Reception reports are welcome.

Four power amplifier modules have been constructed and tested one-at-a-time with the digital exciter. Their gain and linearity match within half a dB. The four modules will operate in parallel to achieve the licensed power.

A 4-way drive splitter and 4-way output combiner have been designed and are under construction.

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National System Award 2013

This from Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ, Award Custodian:

2013 saw another successful award in this regular series. This year the award focussed on the geography of New Zealand’s cities, suburbs and towns. The big challenge was how many cities, suburbs and towns could be contacted during the award.

Points were accumulated for contacts with Amateurs in each of these three categories, as well as bonus points being available for contact with National System Trustees. Several Trustees volunteered points, special thanks to these operators ZL1AAF, ZL1GWP, ZL2KG, ZL2DW, ZL2BCA, ZL3VP, and ZL4GR.

The most prolific collector was John ZL2ADN, who persevered right throughout the award duration. We are pleased to feature John’s achievement in the accompanying picture.

A lot of fun ensued, and we’ve all learned more about our national geography during this award.

Art credit for the award certificate:Todd Hatten (no Call), toddhattenillustration@gmail.com.

Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ. Award Custodian, 2013.

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Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No.6

Transmission of the unmodulated CW carrier continues on 506 MHz, with horizontal polarisation. Reception reports are welcome.

Adjustment and testing of the digital modulator is complete.

The prototype power amplifier module has been constructed and is now undergoing quality testing. Once testing is complete another three modules will be constructed. The four modules will operate in parallel to achieve the licensed power.

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VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF Contest News - DX Weekend 2013 Contest - Preliminary Results

It appears NZART InfoLine was a bit ahead of the WVHFG Webmaster. With apologies for the delay, the following is from Doug Ingham ZL2TAR, Contest Manager:

Claimed scores are subject to Log cross-checks and Audit
Please report all errors to: zl2wa@clear.net.nz

Band Band
Callsign Locator Points Callsign Locator Points

6 m (51 MHz) 13 cm (2400 MHz)
ZL4AA RE54fe 380 ZL2BKC RF70br 4

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