January Meeting - Combined BBQ with Kāpiti Branch

The January meeting is a combined meeting is a combined BBQ with Kāpiti Branch at QE2 Park Paekākāriki, enter via Wellington Road then Queen Elizabeth Road and meet in the open area indicated by the red cross in the photo .

BYO food, drinks , portable chairs , ground rug etc. There is some seating in the park. For those bringing a BBQ it must be GAS (no wood or charcoal).

XYLs YLs & family also welcome.

Bring bikes to explore the tracks around the park .

Date: Saturday 30 January 2020

Time: From midday

Location: QE2 Park, Paekākāriki

Nov Meeting - Thu 26th 7.30pm Tawa

Ron ZL4TDR – STSMHS Server Transport System Message Handling Server (STSMHS) its Architecture. The STSMHS is part of the NZ Automatic Building Fire Alarm System. It is a ”Life Critical System” that validates and then forwards valid fire alarms to the 111 Fire Emergency Centers where they are then sent to the NZ Computer Aid Dispatch System. That causes Fire Appliances to be dispatched to the building where the fire alarm was activated.

September Meeting - Join us for dinner at 6:30

Breaking News: 

With the return to level 1 this week, we are going to have our 50th celebration dinner at 6:30 pm at the meeting room in Tawa on Thursday 24 September.

We will have a few pizzas there, but feel free to bring something to eat. We will have soft drinks, tea and coffee, but you can bring anything you like.

This will be followed by our main meeting and special guest speaker, Shalini Divya who will be giving a presentation on her research into Aluminium-ion batteries.

June 2020 Main Meeting - Remote Meeting Tools

We held our meetings over the internet during the COVID-19 lockdown, and we found a few good tools and interesting features- as well as a few tips and tricks.

We think these tools can be useful as part of the amateur's toolkit, so we are going to have a review and try out a range of tools at the meeting.

It should be a fun night as we try to get skype, meet, zoom, google chat, FB messenger, and more going. 

Also tips and tricks to make good use of video. (like the trick of calling in on your phone and only watching via the internet... good trick).

April Meeting - Ian Hutchings ZL2HUT on the Wellington Coastguard Comms

The General meeting this month will be an online meeting.

 Ian Hutchings, ZL2HUT will talk on :
Coastguard run a VHF Comms system around the Wellington Coast.
The on-line presentation and meeting will outline what was discovered when the system trouble shooters from the VHF group got busy on the network design and radio equipment.

Date: 30 April 2020
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Google Meet https://meet.google.com/zoa-bkio-noq or (09) 886 4223, pin 762 472 801#