Tom Clarke ZL2TDD Silent Key

Tom Clarke ZL2TDD passed away on Saturday 26 October aged 75 years.

Tom was Treasurer of the VHF Group for many years and was a stalwart contributor to many Group projects as well as AREC events.

His funeral will held at St John's Anglican Church 18 Basset Rd Johnsonville at 10am on Thursday 31 of October at 10am

July Main Meeting The new AREC

Don ZL2TYR, National Director AREC, will present on the new changes to AREC and the new directions and activities that are being worked on.

This subject has had some coverage as the changes have been working along for over a year now.  What is happening next is a result of the work done by the AREC management team to increase participation, increase the interaction with other organisations and become better at providing the services that AREC is designed to deliver.

Amateur radio classes in August 2019 at Tawa

The Group is holding amateur radio classes this August.  They will be 1,15 and 22 August at Tawa Community Centre, 7:30-9:00 PM.

The material to be used is available on this site at this link.  You will need to print at least the questions with answers, Book 5 (60 pages).

The material you need to know is Book 2 (131 pages).

We are looking to have these available for people, please contact us if you cannot arrange to get them printed your self.



Bernard ZL2BD talks on small magnetic loop antennas

Bernard presented on small magnetic loop antennas at the June meeting.  Bernard has been working on these for many years, and the main message was -They work very well but must be made very carefully and you need to accept a number of limitations.

The main limitation is the very small bandwidth, followed by the high level of care required in designing and making them.  A key issue is loop resistance. Bernard makes his loops from 1 inch copper pipe and to reduce the resistance from the joins, uses 4 x 90 deg angles, carefully silver soldered. His loop is a square!

June 2019 Main Meeting - Loop Antennas with Bernard ZL2BD

Bernard is well known for his work with HF loop antennas and has many years of designing, building and evaluating these interesting (and somewhat rare) variant.

 Bernard's recent talks at other local branches have had very good reviews and some members asked if he could speak at our monthly meeting, which Bernard has offered.  This was also following a loop building session at his QTH where models were build and tested.

Please come along on Thursday 27 June to hear Bernard's talk.  


March Meeting - 1/4 Wave Stub Filters

The feature series in the last three month’s of Q Bit has been about using 1/4 wave stubs for filters. To follow this up, the author is going to provide an overview of the theory and a short practical demonstration of stub filters.

Doug ZL2TAR has plenty of professional and practical experience with designing and implementing 1/4 wave filters to meet the requirements of closely located antennas and site that may suffer from interference.