National System Award 2020 - Telephone Exchanges

This year the theme of the award is telephone exchanges.

This is a fun event for all Amateurs, all who submit a log will receive a Certificate.

The Award Runs from 21 December 2019 to 9 February 2020

The BIG challenge: how many different telephone exchanges can you contact other amateurs at, via the National System or DMR (on the ZL talk group).

The rules are simple.

  1. Contact an Amateur located as close as possible to a Telephone Exchange via the National System or DMR ZL Talk Group – both sender and receiver log One Point for contacts made via the National System or 1.5 points for contacts made via the ZL DMR talk group
  2. Contact a National System or DMR Repeater Trustee, log Five Bonus Points for each trustee
  3. Must include a contact with ZL2WA
  4. Telephone Exchanges may only be logged once (Telephone exchanges do not include Cell Sites, Cabinets or Radio Transmitting/Receiving sites). As a starter here is a list of Chorus Exchanges extracted from The New Zealand Gazette Notice Number 2011-go8265.

Logs must be received with a summary of the points claimed by the Award Custodian no later than 13th March 2020, and may be submitted by email to with KNSA in the subject line, or, post to:

Kordia National System Award
Wellington VHF Group Inc
C/- 28 Hereford Street
Wellington 6012

Copies of the blank Log Form, are available from the following links: