National System Award 2007

Celebrating 20 years of the National System

The third National System Award was run over the month of March 2007. The Award aimed to achieve three main objectives:

  • To celebrate 20 years of the National System, which first became operational between Auckland and Wellington on 5th April 1987
  • To acknowledge the continued support of NZART and its many branches, dedication of the Trustees and other helpers, and donations of time, expertise and equipment by a number of individuals and companies that continue to make the National System possible
  • To encourage home station and mobile use of the system, and to demonstrate the wide coverage over most of New Zealand.

Image courtesy Brian Fearnley ZL2BRF
To gain an award entrants had to obtain a minimum of 50 points and for every additional 25 points an endorsement was issued.

A selection of comments from the contestants sum up what a good time that was had.

"..thanks for the chance to take a break from the boring ho-hum of everyday life to do some operating on the National System."

"Many thanks for a well run [award]. I have not had as much fun as collecting and giving out points as for this one."

"Really enjoyed doing this award, only used the National System a few times before."

"Thanks for running the award. I really enjoyed getting the contacts."

"Thanks and hope we can do another award soon."

"Thanks for running a great award, its been fun to work."

And no prize for guessing whom this came from; it shows the spirit exhibited by many Hams: "My mobile location to access the Dunedin link was the old Post Office VHF building on Pukerau Hill, Gore."

The certificate is designed to depict the magnitude and geographic spread of the National System across New Zealand.

Brian Fearnley ZL2BRF 2007