National System Award 2009

For the 2009 award your committee decided to introduce two new features. In addition to the points available for working contacts with NZART branches as in the past, the award incorporated contacts with operators in Department of Conservation, (DOC), public conservation areas. This new feature was based on a suggestion by David ZL2SX, and was aimed at emphasising the good relationship between amateurs and DOC, which has extended over a long period.

Image courtesy Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ

14 National Parks, a similar number of Forest Parks, several Conservation Parks, 31 Marine Reserves, and many, many other scientific, reclamation, and scenic reserves, plus other conservation areas, opened a “Pandora’s Box” of opportunity. The second feature was to run the award during the holiday period, so amateurs travelling on holiday could exploit the many DOC areas.

ZL2WA, the Group’s Callsign, was used to operate a bonus point station, worth 3 points. Several members volunteered to put ZL2WA on-air from time-to-time. Special thanks to these operators; Murray ZL1HI, Doug ZL2TAR, Steve ZL2KG, Cliff ZL2ALY, Gavin ZL2TVM, Phil ZL1PK and Dick ZL2TGQ.

Several keen participants voluntarily took on the role of pilot, arranging for operators in hard-to-get branches to come on-air, and for out-of-the-way DOC areas to be visited. Hills and mountains were climbed, sometimes great distances covered, and a lot of personal time was involved. Special mention must be given to David ZL1DK, who ferrited out numerous DOC areas in his travels, (just don’t send us your fuel account David!).

We’ve all learned more about the extent of the DOC conservancy during this award and have only scratched the surface of the thousands of public conservation areas.

Photo credits for the award certificate: Ian ZL1TAT, Steve ZL2KG, Dick ZL2TGQ.

Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ. Award Custodian, 2009.