Amateur Radio Emergency Communications

Australian Senate calls for Dedicated Emergency Services Spectrum

The mobile telephony industry has failed to convince a parliamentary enquiry into the communications needs of emergency service organisations that these needs are best met through services provided by the mobile communications industry rather than by dedicating spectrum for emergency communications services.

AREC LAnd SAR OPeration Roberts 17 April 2011

A Land SAR operation was successful on Sunday 17th April, with a search of the Wainuiomata Water Treatment Plant area finding the missing person within minutes of departure from the base.

LandSAR was called out to meet at the treatment plant at 11am. AREC responded with a preliminary communications plan based on portable SAR repeaters, HF and backup from DoC repeaters and AREC/LandSAR Incident Management Team (IMT) team members.

AREC: SAR-OP Mann Search in Waikanae Area

A SAROP for a missing gentleman is happening in the Waikanae area, manned by volunteers from Wellington Land SAR and assisted by Levin teams.

The operation is being run from Wellington and using the DoC and CD repeaters in the Kapiti area, as well as HF.

Involved are John ZL2HD Andrew ZL2ADR Rick ZL2TVY with remote assistance from John ZL4JY.

The search has been a mix of tracks, bush and urban searching. The Police are leading the search although many Police are going south to the emergency there.

Spotted in the News: AREC in Action

An article about a Search and Rescue caught my eye in todays Dominion Post. Of note the direct mention of 'Amateur Radio Emergency Corps' - the former name of the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications organisation, better known as AREC.

Looks like our compatriots in the Central North Island have been busy assisting Police and Land Search and Rescue folks achieve another successful result.

AREC AGM - Thursday 29 October 2009

The AREC AGM was held in conjunction with the Wellington VHF Group's AGM on Thursday 29 October. After the minutes of the last AGM were read and confirmed, the Section Leader presented his report. Particular thanks were recorded for Rick ZL2TVY and John ZL2HD. Thanks were also extended to neighbouring sections or their assistance and cooperation. There was only a single nomination for Section Leader and John ZL4JY was appointed for another year. Deputy Section Leaders will be Rick ZL2TVY and John ZL2HD.