The Belmont Repeaters - 710, 9875, DTV CH25

Repeater name:Belmont 710

Images courtesy Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ

Image courtesy Steve Jepson ZL2KG

Operating Freqs:147.100 MHz Output
147.700 MHz Input
(+600kHz split)
Modes:FM, Voice,
Location:Belmont, Wellington
BQ32 570396
Trustees:Peter Cobb ZL3TC
Gavin Cross ZL2TVM
Licence: 216134
710 is our major 2 metre repeater. It covers an impressively large area, from near Wanganui in the Northwest, and well into the South Island to the south. During enhanced propagation conditions stations from both Auckland and Christchurch have worked into the site, distances well over 500km in both directions. The repeater provides excellent portable and mobile service across Wellington, despite the hilly nature of the region.

Repeater name:Belmont 9875
Operating Freqs:439.875 MHz Output
434.875 MHz Input
(-5MHz split)
Modes:FM, Voice
Location:Belmont, Wellington
BQ32 570396
Trustees:Peter Cobb ZL3TC
Gavin Cross ZL2TVM
Photo:9875 vertical Colinear antenna, top of tower
9875 is also located at Belmont , and is our local node of the National System. The coverage by 9875 is similar to that of 710, providing useful portable and mobile access to the National System for the region. Dedicated UHF link systems connect the Belmont National System Node with others;
  • Mt Egmont, (to the North),
  • Nelson, (to the South-West), via Saddle Hill
  • Christchurch, (to the South) via Blue Duck.

Repeater name:Belmont DATV
Operating Freqs:502-510 MHz Output (DTV25)
Modes:DVB-T, 7.7MHz
Location:Belmont, Wellington
BQ32 570396
Trustees:Doug Ingham ZL2TAR
Gavin Cross ZL2TVM
New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) has granted the first Digital Amateur TV Licence to NZART Branch 74, The Wellington VHF Group. The licence is valid for an initial period of 6 months, from 1st January 2013 to 30th June 2013.