50 Years of the VHF Group - Special Meeting to recall stories from the past 50 years

With the extension of the COVID-19 Level 2, we are not able to meet at the Tawa Community Centre.  The Centre has maximum numbers for each room that are smaller than our normal meeting attendances.

We are having a remote meeting to celebrate and reminisce on the 50 years of the Wellington VHF Group.  We have three speakers that have offered to speak, and we are looking forward to more people contributing on the night. So if you have photos or a short story you would like to present, you can email us or just speak up on the night.  The meeting link will be on the website and is here:  https://meet.google.com/dqc-gnne-xut or by phone  ‪(NZ) +64 9-886 4124‬ PIN: ‪559 920 771‬

You can join the meeting on a landline, mobile, smart phone, PC or other device. We often have members joining on a landline to listen to the meeting, or watching on a PC and listening and participating via landline, so please do this if you can't join via the web or app. Contact Rob ZL2WAL if you need details or help with this

Saturday Night Dinner

With the continued distancing requirements, we have postponed the 50th Celebration Dinner that was to be held on Saturday evening.

Please watch out for the new date, which is most likely to be Saturday 26th September. at 6.00 PM

The August 2020 meeting is to celebrate the 50 years of the Group.  A few people were there at the time and we look forward to hearing about those days.

We have done a lot of exciting things over the 50 years - the Wellington Walkie, Belmont 710 and ATV site, Colonial Knob, lots of VHF Conventions, and a good number of projects, repeaters, the UHF National System, the DMR National System, the NS awards.... wow.

So please come along and tell your memories of the group's activities, bring any momentoes, photos, or certificates (Who has a Belmont Tree or a Belmont Power Line certificate?)


COVID-19: If we are not able to meet (we cannot under level 2, 3, or 4) we will meet via Google Meet. 

Here is the proposed meeting link (you can test it now to see if you have everything working). You can also phone in on a good old normal landline phone, or a smart phone)