August Meeting - Two Speakers

August Meeting - Two Speakers

The August general meeting will have two speakers:

Propper networking in the microwave bands: John ZL4JY will talk about professional microwave networking and why the mesh is not the answer to everything. John has considerable experience across the subject, and has provided the microwave link that brings internet services to Colonial KNob for the DMR repeater. What next?

How small is my websercer? One use of the mesh is to control remote radio sites. John ZL2HD will show his Arduino based webserver that is able to control devices at a remote site via a web page. Without a PC on site, a match box sized webserver will drive a set of relays, monitor voltages and temperature, and detect mains on/off and report the status of the operation.

Date: Thursday 27 August
Time: 7:30 pm Location: Tawa Community Centre

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