Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No.5

Transmission of the unmodulated CW carrier continues on 506 MHz, with horizontal polarisation. The maximum EIRP is +20 dBW (100 Watts) towards the North East.

Calibrated coverage measurements, at more than twelve locations, confirm that the transmit antenna is performing as expected. Additional reception reports are welcome.

The transmission is receivable over a 180° arc, from the North West, through North East, to South East. There are two minimas: one in the direction of Titahi Bay and the other in the direction of Seaview. Transmissions over the other 180° arc, from South East, through South West, to North West are about 20 to 26 dB weaker.

The “breadboard” version of the digital modulator was completed on Wednesday (27th February) and is now undergoing intensive quality testing.

Components have been ordered for constructing the permanent power amplifier.