Current Status of the National System


Reports this repeater is off air for repairs . No ETA provided on completion date .


Further Repairs made to 9875 local port feeders . Now Operational 


Back in service 1 Dec 23


Reports  of 1 way only traffic via Klondyke


Repairs completed and  gear returned to site 


Off air for re location to another site

Wellington ( Belmont )

Linking radio to the North  at Mt Belmont  reset on Sat 4th   . Rest of the ZL2 reconnected !! 



Updated  1  Dec  2023  .     Pirates   please do NOT engage conversation with the Pirates or discuss Pirate activity over the National System  , they are listening too and just makes them more active ! Use email , sms , phone calls or the Nationwide DMR ZL Trbo network to discuss activity ! 

Please note during Covid restrictions  , repeater site visits may not be possible in some circumstances . 

Please note :  info for each site or region is updated  when the local trustees provide us with info .  Unfortunately this often does not happen . Each area will be updated when info is received from Trustees or the Branch .

Please avoid the use of the National System for local chatter , move to a local repeater or simplex if possible . It holds the whole country on , not just your local repeater . 

National System usage guide.

Please make sure minimum of 3 second gaps between overs . At busy times 5 seconds is recommended.

Key up delay from the Far North to the Far South is several mS so the gaps are very important so others can access if required . Please limit conversation to a max of 20 mins  and if possible move to simplex or a local repeater .  A conversation on your local national system repeater activates the whole system nation wide .


If you have further info or need additional info   ( if available )  please email   (   nationalsysteminfo     at   gmail   dot  com  )    att Steve