Presidents Report WNVHF Group

Another year has gone by so quickly. Maybe it’s a sign of my increasing seniority… WNVHF Group has a wonderful committee that just gets things done, the only problem is, recognising how much work is getting done.

It is with some trepidation that we have Gavin standing down as Q-Bit editor after 7 years in the job. There will be a challenge to fill the shoes of a loyal and hardworking editor who made it seem easy by producing a quality journal month after month. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

There is a challenge ahead in getting our outstanding projects finished, but some of them have deadlines which should help them along.

We would like to get APRS setup in time for Bike The Trail to demonstrate the tactical uses of APRS rather than the more common reverse scenario “I’ve got it working, now what is it for”.

It is great to see the variety of topics that have been covered this year both in Q-bit articles and at meetings and I see this as important, as pursuing new technologies and techniques is a requirement, both to retain the existing membership and to create new members.

Randall Prentice
President WNVHF Group

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