Radio Nets - VHF FM and SSB

Club VHF Radio Net - 2000hrs NZT, Wednesdays

An open invitation is extended to those who can reach the Belmont 147.100Mhz (+600 split) repeater, to join members of the group for the weekly net.

The net was once run as a regular, formal net. Due to dwindling numbers, a decision was made in June 2006 to 'informalise' the net and leave an open invitation for people to join in. Net Control is now fairly relaxed, and will depend on who's on the air at the time.

Ultimately the net is a relaxed on-air get together for members and friends of the VHF Group to catch up on goings on. The survival of the net is dependant on participation, so please tune in and say hello!

SSB (VHF) Net - 2000hrs NZT Tuesdays

Started by Dick, ZL2TGQ, and Neil, ZL2TNG, in September 1999 this informal net has been creating interest in the use of SSB, and resulting in some activity in the weak-signal part of 2m ever since.

Although the emphasis is on informality this net is moderated, and the net controller calls for check-ins at 8 pm every Tuesday night on 144.200 MHz USB, using vertical polarisation. An eclectic range of topics are discussed.

On those occasions when enhanced propagation is present, check-ins have been received from distant stations, and the current record is held by Rob, ZL1RD, from Silverdale, north of Auckland.

A warm welcome to all.