KiwiSAT - a Satellite Project by AMSAT-ZL

Under the leadership of project manager Fred Kennedy ZL1BYP, a team of New Zealand Radio Amateurs are constructing KiwiSAT, a true New Zealand designed and built orbiting satellite.

Our Group is a vigorous supporter of this ambitious project, and we have made significant contributions each year for several years. In addition, we are proud that some of our members are directly involved with development work.

We made a specific donation of $10,000 to help kick-start the fund for solar cells during VHF Convention, held at Wellington during Easter 2007. It is hoped that this will encourage others to follow suit as the funding of the solar cells is the last major funding hurdle before AMSAT-ZL take on the big one - the launch!

See the KiwiSAT website for further information.
AMZAT-ZL Secretary Ian Ashley ZL1AOX and project manager Fred Kennedy ZL1BYP receive the $10,000 donation from Wellington VHF Group Secretary Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ.
Image courtesy Ian Ashley ZL1AOX