Current Projects


At the 2007 VHF Convention the subject of CTCSS control and access to repeaters got a good hearing. Wellington VHF Group undertook to convene a study and report back to the next Convention. See CTCSS Report for full information.

Project Manager: John ZL2HD


The Group has had services at this site for a number of years. A recent survey by the site owner highlighted deterioation of the wooden poles and some breakage of guys and stays. Maintenance was required. The objectives for this major project are to;

  • Remove the upper weakened section and reduce the north pole to 3m height.
  • Remove the top weakened section and reduce the south pole by 3m height
  • Apply protection to wooden poles
  • Re-do guys and stays
  • Reinstal the 7075 dipoles on the south pole
  • Reinstal the UHF dipole on the north pole
  • Trench and instal underground ducting
  • Instal new feeders

Project Manager: John ZL4JY

PROJECT 39, Phase 2

The objective for this project is to encourage members to get on-air with 70cm ATV stations and better utilise the Belmont ATV repeater. The Group are fortunate to have received a donation of Barco modulators (which output approx 100mW). Some of these have already been converted for use on Channel 39 and distributed to other NZART branches, (see separate story on Project 39 Phase 1.) Phase 2 makes these modulators available to members with the proviso that they construct a power amplifier to enable them to broadcast to the repeater. Several members have taken up the option and are constructing amplifiers. We look forward to seeing them on the Ch39 repeater.

Project Manager: John ZL2HD

"RADIO WAVES" in Schools

The objectives of this project are:

  • To promote an interest in the science and technology of wireless communications in young people.
  • To encourage members of the teaching profession to use amateur radio in school to further their teaching of science and technology.
  • To provide education and training for educators in the science and technology of wireless communications

This is an NZART project, designed and managed by Fred Johnson ZL2AMJ, who is Advisor to our Group. (See Radio Waves for further information.) Our Group are assisting Fred with supply of materials and construction effort for the kitsets. Well done Fred, we are pleased to help your initiative to promote Amaterur radio.

Project Manager: Fred ZL2AMJ


Effective June 2007 the Group have adopted a new strategy for the website which now utilises a content management system (CMS) so that it may be easily kept updated and respond to individual areas of interest. Mark ZL1VMF has been appointed Webmaster and is supported by a small "Webteam" comprising John ZL2HD, Steve ZL2KG and Dick ZL2TGQ.

Project Manager: Mark ZL1VMF


Another crucial maintenance project, to replace the local service colinear for the Palmerston North coverage area, and two ULS yagi linking Mt Egmont, Taranaki, and Mt Erin, Hawkes Bay. Wharite is a high site, subject to extreme weather conditions.

Project Manager: Steve ZL2KG


This project is to replace the 7.5kW mains transformer supplying the Belmont site with a re-furbished 15kW unit.

Project Manager: Brian ZL2BRF