Completed Projects


The BBS had been temporarily housed by Paul ZL2BEZ at his own QTH since the lease ran out at the previous location, (thanks Paul). The committee decided to relocate it to a more permanent site, firstly to free Paul to do amateur radio again, and secondly to reinstate the 2400 Baud service, which had unfortunately had to be temporarily discontinued.

ZL2WA BBS - showing BBS computer and associated linking transceivers to the 6625 (1200) and 7075 (1200) repeaters, and the 900 National System node.

Image courtesy Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ

A project team, comprising Paul ZL2BEZ, Dick ZL2TGQ, and Jim ZL2UGD was set up, and a budget approved.

Jim used his carpentry skills to design and make a suitable table and shelves to house all the equipment.

The 6625 repeater is situated at Hawkins Hill 12.5km distant, the 7075 repeater is located at Colonial Knob 8.0km distant, and the 900 node is situated at Mt Belmont 6.1km distant. So the link paths were modelled and subsequently two 5 element VHF Yagi antennas were purchased. Baluns for the two specific VHF frequencies were constructed and optimised. Good performance was attained.

The existing UHF Yagi, kindly donated by Leon ZL2AOC, was used for the link to the 900 National System node. Although this path is badly obstructed by a ridge at the BBS end, good performance was obtained.

The VHF transceivers and power supplies were commissioned on Tuesday evening, and the balance of the equipment was installed the following night. Commissioning tests revealed that all was well and the BBS was then switched into full service at midnight on Wednesday 4th August 2004.

The BBS is now located in Newlands, at Map 260 R27 633963, (RE78js). The Trustees for this station are Paul ZL2BEZ and Dick ZL2TGQ.

This article was originally published in Q-Bit, issue August 2004.

MAROANUI NATIONAL SYSTEM OPERATIONAL - MARCH 2008 This was a joint project with Taupo Branch to establish a node on Maroanui, located north west of Taupo. The project involved;

  • Replace Taupo VHF dipoles
  • Erect National System local coverage and ULS antennas
  • Frequency convert Tait 300 radios
  • Develop and manufacture a repeater controller
  • install and commission the station Taupo 9825 first went live on Saturday 8th March 2008. During the mid afternoon that day an inaugural contact was initiated by Doug ZL2TAR in Wellington. This was responded to by Steve ZL2KG, one of the two Trustees for the Taupo National System node, standing outside the shack door at Maroanui. The project team was made up of members from both Taupo Branch and Wellington VHF Group. Thanks to; Graeme ZL1BU, Graham ZL1BVO, Kelvin ZL1KU, Peter ZL2UEW from Taupo and Peter ZL3TC, Gavin ZL2TVM, Steve ZL2KG and Dick ZL2TGQ from the VHF Group. A full project report has been published in NZART Journal, Break-In, Volume 81, May/June 2008. Project Manager: Dick ZL2TGQ