Spectrum Clash: Bionic Implants and what?

I picked up an article on Slashdot that may be of interest to some:

Bionic Implants and Spectrum Clash

"The battle over scarce radio spectrum that has embroiled the mobile broadband world even extends to a little-known type of wireless network that promises to reconnect the human nervous system with paralyzed limbs. At its monthly meeting next week, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission will consider whether four sets of frequencies between 413MHz and 457MHz can be used by networks of sensors implanted in patients who suffer from various forms of paralysis. One intended purpose of these MMNS (medical micropower network systems) is to transmit movement commands from a sensor on a patient's spinal cord, through a wearable MCU (master control unit), to implants that electrically stimulate nerves."

Slashdot being a discussion forum, folks will likely be interested in some of the comments likely to come up... both smart and witty.
The root article comes from Techworld Australia.

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