A couple of recommended DMR radios..

I asked for some recommendations of a good radio to buy at the November meeting.  

A couple of radios were recommended by people who had very recently been studying this subject and had purchased these radios.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.


The RT73 mobile dual band DMR was recommended. Very small, powerful, very good. It was noted that this radio could hold all the DMR IDs in the world, so every contact came up with callsign and location.  Some rave reviews on AliExpress and some tips to follow.


The Anytone AT-D878 Handheld was highly recommended as a solid and easy to program and use radio.

Also the Anytone AT-D578, which uses the same codeplugs as the 878 handheld. 

If you are keen to customise you codeplug, this is a good feature.

Remember that there are codeplugs on the AREC.today website, so have a check there to see if your radio has one there before you place your order.




John ZL2HD