Admin Notices, particularly regarding the website and technical matters.

Webserver Blip

Hi Guys,
Server had a brief loss of service today. I suspect there's something malicious at work here- a spammer or somesuch - but thanks to a headsup from a Group member the problem was quickly identified and services restored. We will be monitoring the situation going forward.
Don't forget to check BlakJak Administrivia for updates regarding the condition of the server, if you're interested.

Website Status

Hi Guys and Gals.
Just to make sure you're in the know, there's an 'Administrivia' Category on the website which will provide updates on any issues or outages affecting In the event of any problems keep an eye on as this is the first place an update will be published.

It seems that the server is currently hosted on has seen better days, so in the interests of longer-term stability a replacement box is being built at present. We hope to have this in service over the next month or so.

Outages: New Yearsish, 2007-2008 + Jan 30th 2008

Wellington VHF Group apologises to anyone who noticed their site was down for approx 6 days from 29 Dec to 4 Jan, and also a few hours on the afternoon of Wed 30 Jan.
The former was layer 8 - the latter was Layer 3. In both cases services were restored with the aid of our service provider.

All is back up and running!
We apologise for the inconvenience.

Webmaster WVHFG.

Website updates!

EDIT: 10 July. Due to spambots (or spampeople?) user account signups are currently disabled. If you wish a login, please hit the 'Contact Us' link and send your details to the Webmaster.

G'day all.
A busy schedule has kept your humble webmaster away from the website for much of the last couple of weeks.
However others in the Group - especially Dick ZL2TGQ - have been keeping us going, and much of the material now available on our site is to his credit.