November 2013 Meeting - Bitcoins - A Brief Introduction

November 2013 Meeting - Bitcoins - A Brief Introduction

Randall ZL2RJP will present and demonstrate the new currency of choice for the internet generation. Bitcoins have varied in value and one consumer purchased a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. Today That would buy you a nice house! At the time, it was about the right price

Bitcoins can be mined, earned, traded and converted to/from cash. See below for the audience requirements be be ready to trade with Randall on the night.

Date: Thursday 31 November
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Tawa Community Centre

Demonstration: Audience Participation Requirements

If you’d like to get a visceral feel for Bitcoin, taking part in the demonstration is the best way.

  1. Install Wallet
    Bitcoin clients are available for a wide range of platforms. For your device and operating system, obtain and install a Bitcoin wallet.

    Risk: Some
    The software must be installed at your own risk. The organisers have not, and cannot, reliably test and recommend the software listed below. Be brave, the future isn’t for the faint of heart.

  2. Register Your Bitcoin address with Nerd Night
    Once you have installed your wallet please email one of your Bitcoin addresses to: with the subject "BR74 November Meeting Bitcoin Address"

    It will look something like this: 1NabCPN8p5htqo64XsAEhCpatTVuV7KV6S

    Risk: Neglible
    The address is a mathematical abbreviation of the public key and as such presents no adverse risk. You only need to reveal a public key when reassigning Bitcoin to another address. No one can determine your public key from your Bitcoin address. The associated private key, which is critical, should never be revealed.

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