Presidents Report

Well that was an interesting year. Started with the possible loss of Kordia Sites and in particular "Breaking" of the National System. An extended power outage at the Belmont 710 sites (Only power from a Genset 2-4 hours a day) followed by District Plan Changes that got parts suddenly changed at the end of consultation.

Such challenges lead to opportunities and after much hard work by committee and others we have resolved some and continue to work on others. Things we can mark as achieved include supporting the ARTANZ advocacy that has lead to the Kordia National System (With BR74s contribution of naming rights of the Kordia National System Award being part of that solution) giving a 5 year agreement for Kordia Site access. A great VHF convention (Well done Ross and Team). Another "Bike The Trail" public service support event (Helped by other local branches). A very Successful NS Award 2011 that John ZL2HD took the lead on with many entries, enthusiasm and good looking certificate. I can also say that while not in the VHF region, I also enjoyed the Doug Gorman Frequency measuring contest run by John ZL4JY.

Projects that are progressing include Colonial Knob improvements, which now has a data repeater with P25 capabilities (Keep watching that space). The Belmont site now has power back and with summer coming (That's what they tell us anyway), should be able to progress weather proofing the hut and general "Hardening" and other improvements to the site.

Also in progress are the changes in District Plan which we are appealing in Court, and the Special General Meeting with a proposal to meet the requirements of the Charitable Status Registrar.
On that note it would be good to see you all at the AGM.

Randall ZL2RJP
President BR74

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