Member Blogs

Members of the Wellington VHF Group are people of skill and experience in all sorts of fields; some technical, some just plain old interesting! We've made a Web Log (Blog) system available to members of the Wellington VHF Group for them to share their views with the world.

  • ZL4JY - John Yaldwyn has held the call ZL4JY since 2005 when RSM relaxed licensing rules to allow out of district use. His original callsign was ZL2TRV allocated in 1975 which he still holds. A member of the Wellington VHF Group Inc and of NZART since 1975 he is also a member of Kapiti Branch 69, ARRL, AREC, LandSAR New Zealand, SPAM (society for the preservation of amplitude modulation), and the 4RF Amateur Radio Club (club call ZL4RFC). Along with Peter ZL2ARW he was jointly awarded NZART Amateur of the year 1985 for contributions to the National System of UHF linked repeaters. John's interest include emergency communications, microwaves, and digital operation on HF and VHF/UHF.
  • ZL2TV - Ralph Sanson ZL2TV is a member of the Wellington VHF Group who was set up with a blog in Late 2011. He has a long history with the NZ Post Office, starting at Makara Radio in 1973.  His association with WVHFG began soon after, building ATV equipment & conversion of a PYE Galaxie onto channel Q. After a couple of moves to radio depots New Plymouth and Rotorua, he to Warkworth in 1981 for the expansions to the original 1 antenna facility.  As with HF before it, microwave stations are less prominent in today's telecommunications systems, but the ether prevails when others fail. Favourite quote: "It's not a real Radio if it isn't Wireless".
  • ZL2RJP - Randall Prentice ZL2RJP was appointed as President of WVHFG at the 2010 AGM.
  • ZL2TGQ - Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ has been a solid supporter and core member of WVHFG for many years, having had recent terms as both President and Vice-President of the Group. A long time supporter of VHF Activities in the region, Dick is also past-secretary of the WVHFG and among other things, continues to maintain our membership database. He's also SysOp of the branch Packet BBS and a regular contributor to the VHF Group website.
  • ZL2BRF - Brian Fearnley (ex ZL2BRF) is a Past President, having stood down from the role in April 2009 in order to relocate to a new job in Australia. With a background in Avionics and Electronics, Brian is both technically literate and business savvy and brought many useful qualities to the role of President. Brian remains a supporter of the Wellington VHF Group and we wish him all the best in 'VK'.
  • ZL1VMF - Mark Foster ZL1VMF became involved with Wellington VHF Group in 2006 when he was relocated to Wellington area from his Auckland home. Over the next several years Mark picked up the role of Webmaster (a role he continues to hold), and served as Secretary of the Group for 2 terms, and a committee member for 4. Mark relocated back to Auckland in 2010 but continues to support WVHFG by hosting and running this website. An IT professional specialising in networking and telecommunications, he also is a volunteer in the Fire Service.  In the radio world his interests lie mainly in AREC and public-service communications.   His personal website can be found at but his own blog here will capture items that he sees as of particular interest and relevance to the Group.
  • ZL2HD - John Andrews ZL2HD is a past president of WVHFG and has been involved with the Group in many ways since his teenage years. He's come through the RF and Microwave Radio/Electronics industries with both domestic and international experience. Check out John's blog for his past Presidential Comments as well as other news and views from his standpoint. John is currently serving as an NZART Council member for the ZL2 region.

More blogs to be added as this part of our site is developed. Check back soon!