Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No 4

Work on the transmit antenna, and the installation of the transmitter, was completed last weekend, (9-10 February 2013).

At 9 am this morning, at the request of the users of the adjacent spectrum, the transmission was turned on at the maximum licensed power, while they tested for any effects on the operation of their repeaters, or degradation of mobile coverage along the road nearest the Belmont site.

No effects were noted and the station was cleared to continue transmitting.

Work has commenced on checking the coverage of the station. Reception reports are welcome.

The transmission should be receivable over a 180° arc, from North West, through North East, to South East. There are likely to be two nulls: one in the direction of Titahi Bay and the other in the direction of Seaview. Transmissions over the other 180° arc, From South East, through South West, to North West are likely to be about 20 dB weaker.

Look for an unmodulated CW carrier on 506 MHz, in the centre of the licensed channel, on horizontal polarisation.
The maximum EIRP is +20 dBW (100 Watts) towards the North East.

The CW transmission will continue until the digital modulator is ready.

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