Doug Gorman Frequency Memorial Measuring Contest Update

A great contest thanks to everyone for their interest. This was the 59th running of the NZART DGMFM Contest and there were more check-ins with ZL6A after the event than ever. Thanks to ZLs 1AOX, 1AUA, 1VD, 1MR, 1DK, 1IE, 1TBG, 1FAV, 2BFY, 2MUR, 2CMC, and 2TNG for saying hello. I have already received one entry from ZL4OL via NZART HQ email so thanks Mike for being the first in with your results and showing it wasn’t just a North Island showing. I understand that Murray ZL1BPU who had been running some practice sessions. Stay tuned for more next week. John ZL4JY

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