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The following radio amateurs are available to assist you with your studies:


Fred Johnson  ZL2AMJ  ARX2106


Upper Hutt

Ph: 04 938 8315
Email: fredj@clear.net.nz


John Andrews  ZL2HD  ARX2132

Ph: 04 479 5786



Edward Linney  ZL2TB  ARX2135

Ph: 04 938 6638
Email: ZL2TB@paradise.net.nz


Doug Ingham  ZL2TAR  ARX2108

138 Dowse Drive



An official listing of “Approved Radio Examiners” can be found at:

List of approved radio examiners



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The moral copyright of items published is asserted on behalf of the many contributing authors.


This question bank compilation of amateur radio examination questions is the intellectual property of MBIE-Approved Radio Examiner ARX2106.  It may be freely used for personal study and for practice tests. For examinations to qualify to be a radio amateur and to ensure the integrity of the examination process, it must be used within an Approved Radio Examiner’s systems and procedures and with authorisation by Examiner ARX2106. 


The above-named individuals are authorised to use this training and examination material for their own ARX activities.


This examination and training material and the processes involved were audited by a team from Radio Spectrum Management on 31 March 2011. A letter of 12 April 2011 says: “…this is to advise that the procedures and controls in place are considered satisfactory for the purpose. The authority for you to act as an approved examiner remains in place.