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Satellites powered by Google Smartphones?

Yes, it's being tried by NASA.

TG Daily reported from Phandroid. Essentially they Nexus smartphone is put into a sealed, protected box and backed up with external batteries, etc. An interesting idea. Hit the links for more.

RFI of a slightly overpowering sort?

"Navy radio might be crippling Conn. garage doors" as reported by news.yahoo.com.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A radio signal being transmitted out of a submarine base is likely behind reports of garage doors failing to open and close in southeastern Connecticut, the U.S. Navy said Monday.

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Some interesting workshop equipment currently for sale...

Via the Wellington Thursday Night Curry group I became aware of a goodly supply of workshop equipment likely to be of interest to those with a more practical hands/on bent, currently for sale.

The listings can be viewed on TradeMe. The notice I received included the following:

A friend who is a brilliant inventor and engineer is in his 80s and close to the end of his time with us.

I am helping him with disposing of his workshops on Trademe. I have added 36 auctions and have another dozen to add - all $1 reserve.


He has fully a fully kitted out electronics lab, metal shop, welding apparatus, injection molding rig, wood shop, and more.

For the true electronics geeks there are vintage tube testers, sweep generators, resistance analyzers, HF gear, test oscillators, etc.

Among the more wild stuff is a 5V AC 100 Amp test supply and a Variac variable autotransformer I have yet to list.

If any of you are involved in Maker communities or know of any other way to promote these auctions I'd much appreciate the help.


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Australian Senate calls for Dedicated Emergency Services Spectrum


The mobile telephony industry has failed to convince a parliamentary enquiry into the communications needs of emergency service organisations that these needs are best met through services provided by the mobile communications industry rather than by dedicating spectrum for emergency communications services.

Spectrum Clash: Bionic Implants and what?

I picked up an article on Slashdot that may be of interest to some:

Bionic Implants and Spectrum Clash

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KiwiSAT - New Zealand Amateur Radio Satellite - In the Media.

*** Update: The current status of KiwiSAT can be viewed on their website ***

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The future of UTC?

An acquaintance of mine published http://futureofutc.org/ on their Facebook page today.

This is interesting. An excerpt from their front page:

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Silent Key: Jamie Pye ZL2NN

Today I was made aware that Jamie Pye ZL2NN, a friend and acquaintance through Amateur Radio and someone who I of recent years had a wee bit to do with in respects to his role as the Webmaster for NZART, has become a silent key. (More after the jump.)

Replace your Keyboard... with a single key!

Morse key that is.
A colleague of mine pointed out this rather clever Makezine.com Blog.

I concur; Geek Cred ++.

An interesting use of Software Defined Radio

Peter ZL4WDR submitted the following article as of potential interest to Radio Amateurs:

"Revolutionary radio comes in cubes" (theregister.co.uk).

"Alcatel-Lucent has developed a magical radio that can do 2G, 3G and 4G in a two-inch cube, remove unsightly antennas, reduce network costs enormously, and save the planet too."

An interesting development, and worth a look. Thanks for the heads-up, Peter.

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