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Presidents Report WNVHF Group

Another year has gone by so quickly. Maybe it’s a sign of my increasing seniority… WNVHF Group has a wonderful committee that just gets things done, the only problem is, recognising how much work is getting done.

It is with some trepidation that we have Gavin standing down as Q-Bit editor after 7 years in the job. There will be a challenge to fill the shoes of a loyal and hardworking editor who made it seem easy by producing a quality journal month after month. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

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GPS and Personal Privacy Jammers (Interesting Read)

From GPS World, an example of tracking down and characterising multiple mobile signal sources.

Personal Privacy Jammers
by Joseph C. Grabowski

When jamming interfered with GPS signals at Newark Airport, a three-month effort determined that low-power, mobile personal-privacy devices were responsible. This article describes how they were found and outlines how the observable parameters of such devices encompass a wide variation in RF spectra and internal modulation.

Presidents Report

Well that was an interesting year. Started with the possible loss of Kordia Sites and in particular "Breaking" of the National System. An extended power outage at the Belmont 710 sites (Only power from a Genset 2-4 hours a day) followed by District Plan Changes that got parts suddenly changed at the end of consultation.

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